any nikki beach members?

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  1. im so excited! my parents own a place in portugal and nikki beach has just opened in the resort, iv been to the one in miami with a friend and loved it. cant wait to visit the new one.

    any other nikki beach members out there?
  2. what's nikki beach?
  3. A dance club/restaurant located in South Beach, FL.
  4. You don't have to be a member to go into Nikki Beach. They have clubs all over the world. The one in NYC sucks though. The one in South Beach is cool.
  5. actually iv just goot a member ship to the resorts which is members only. kind of like country club but at the beach.
  6. Now if you are talking about membership clubs, soho house New York is brill, so is the soho one in London and the Shoreditch one, Miami soon to follow!x
  7. are you a member?
  8. Yes, it is a nice place to relax in, the staff are fab.x
  9. thats cool. i live so far away that i cant :crybaby:it sucks, my friends SO is a member.
  10. Cherry Pie, its cool, if and when you travel to New York is cool to go too and a shopping trip in London lets you have some fun in there, it will be cool, Anyway, your a member of nikki beach!!!!Lol!!x
  11. Has anyone been to the in Cabo San Lucas? I am going there for my honemoon in August and we were thinking of going there one night to check it out ...