Any NFL fans out there???

  1. I am so super excited for the regular season to start! I have my subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket and the HD is ready for the Colts vs Giants on the 10th. I am a huge Colts fan!!

    Are there any other NFL fans out there?

    GO COLTS!!!!
  2. I'm not from Indiana but I'm a colts fan as b/c I'm in LOVE w/ Payton Manning!!! My bf always makes fun of me for liking him so much. I was at the mall last night looking for his jersey. lol!!! I Think the colts vs. giants game will be a fun game to watch. Coming from one of the big ten schools I'm a big football fan.
  3. Dolphins fan here! :nuts:
  4. If you go to this website: Indianapolis Colts Official Online Pro Shop -

    They have some cute ladies' jerseys and there is free shipping over this weekend. I'm kinda liking the pink Freeney jersey.

    I am nervous for the game next weekend because of all the hype with the whole Manning vs Manning stuff. Every year I start off the season thinking this is going to be the year we go to the Super Bowl....:rolleyes:
  5. Through good and bad, ALWAYS a Raider fan!

  6. I love EVERYTHING about football season. The parties, the tailgating, the sports bar, etc...
  7. Eagles fan here :yahoo:
  8. [​IMG]

    Always True to My Boys in Blue...NFL Ticket in HD Here too.

    GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Virgo, Did you go to the eagles carnival last weekend at the lincoln financial center? All the players and Andy Reid were out there signing autographs for very little money. Got McNabb's autograph.:yes:
  10. E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!
  11. Seahawks, baby, Seahawks!! We're back for blood after that Super Bowl loss last year...
  12. i too love the colts (i have a secret crush on peyton manning)..... its sad because i live in denver area and ppl around here are such die hard broncos fans.....
    i hope the colts beat them miserably.....
    twinkie, i was thinking about getting one of those jersey, but i am afraid i will get beat up by the broncos fans :nuts:
    I also love the titans (also secret crush on vince young).
    and last but not least.... i love the chiefs......go LJ:wlae:
  13. You are in the Denver area? I'm only 3 hours away from Denver. Actually, I'll be in downtown Denver this week for work! I'm only 2 hours from Fort Collins and am there fairly regularly.

    I know what you mean about the Broncos fans. My DH and I went to a Colts vs Broncos game a couple years ago in full Colts get up. It was fun! I was really shocked at how many Colts fans were at the game.
  14. Ditto!!!! I know quite a few of them... good guys!! (Big guys... but good guys!)

    Miami Dolphins # 1

  15. I swear to god, I thought the same thing last year. I really did think the colts was going to go to the super bowl! Btw, thanks for the pro shop website! I can now get my manning jersey for less than what the sports stores are selling it for here.:yahoo: