Any news on upcoming colors for the Legacy Drawstring?

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  1. I loveeee this new bag. From the moment I saw the lilac in the new catalogue it called to me. And on the one hand, I love the lilac, but I reallyyyyy need something more matchy matchy since my last purchase was the green patent sabrina, which says attitude with a capital 'tude.

    I've got my fingers triple crossed for a white or a pink (or something that doesn't involve embossed purple python), but I need some reassurance. 'Cause lord knows I'm itching to go buy the lilac one in my local boutique...
  2. i think they're also comming out (or are out already?) with metallic colors, like a bronze and a navy metallic? i don't know about any more upcomming than this... somebody had a graphite gray one as far as i know...
  3. There are pouches out in metallic navy and bronze, but I don't know about the full sized bag.
  4. Department store exclusives come in the sig fabric. I saw several of them at a couple Macys I went to last weekend
  5. Have you guys noticed the Coach Legacy Drawstring Pouch looks like LV's theda bag from 2004/2005 years.