any news on the rock & chain bag???

  1. i still haven't heard anything from my SA and i'm so eager to see it IRL!! :rolleyes:
  2. I am on the list and waiting to hear from NM.
  3. I'm waiting too! :yes:
  4. Waiting oh so patiently!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Aww I hope you ladies who are waiting hear back soon!! Can't wait till you guys get it :yahoo:
  6. I got a message yesterday that the NM I shop at got a few Rock & Chain flaps in. And so it begins....
  7. I just saw the Rock & Chain flap and the leather is fabulous! Not lamb, I think it's calf and really nice and soft.

    I'm still waiting for the really big Rock & Chain.
  8. Does anyone have a pic of this bag???I keep looking around in the forum..I know there is a pic somewhere!!
  9. Here you go Sunshine.

    Does anyone know how much the flap is? Which NM get the flap in? I love that flap!
    rock chain flap bordeaux.jpg