Any news on the Naturel bags???

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  1. Have any of you gotten, seen a naturel with regular hardware???
  2. Nope.
  3. I've seen the naturel only with the bling-bling. Hardware aside, it's one of the most beautiful leathers I'VE EVER SEEN. It's transcendant. It might make me buy it, even though it's not on my list!
  4. I love the swatch for the natural which is not "natural" for me as it is not bright and pink. I would love to see a bag with the regular hardware.

  5. we have the same name, sort of!! :queen:
  6. Do you think it will get dirty...or the color changing to yellow? I am so scared to get this but I really love it!
  7. Catcat tomorrow i will return my brief in vert d'eau for a natural brief...
    I know that they have received also some new bags with regular hardware...I will let you know..
    I've already seen it but in the work size and with giant hardware...i think it is lovey!

  8. L B..who has received some new bags w/ regular hardware??
  9. I live in Italy:heart:
  10. Darn it!! Thanks..oh and by the way good choice on the natural (I really liked your first choice too though..really pretty)
  11. Omg... natural!! I love natural... I can't wait until it hits the store. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

  12. Thanks!

    I can't wait to see a pic of the naturel with regular hardware.
    Here I was told that if they don't have them this week they will not put them in the store before february since they take all b-bags in the back during the salesperiod basiclly all january.
    Which is rather good news for me :P since I'm on a purseban until then.
  13. i really wanna see one IRL :smile: