Any news on the Foresta re-release?

  1. Any ladies in Hawaii or Guam heard any more about this? It should be coming soon. :tup:
  2. I am going to LeSportsac today, so I'll let you know if I find out anything :smile:
  3. I heard that they're releasing it on november 18th

    The day after the vacanze release and the simone signing
  4. My sister was just in the lesportsac store yesterday and they said next week.
  5. Hello! I talkd to Rick, the manager from the Ala Moana LeSportsac today he said Vacanze will be released on Monday, November 12th, and Foresta should be re-released "shortly after".

    Rick would not give me an exact day for the Foresta Re-release...So all we know is that Vacanze is definately first, and then Foresta "shortly after".

    I also know for a fact, that LeSportsac is doing their inventory right now, so they are on a "new print lockdown" until the Vacanze release.
  6. h_taka, new print lock down? O_O what does that mean..
  7. they won't be bringing any new prints... regular LSS or tokidoki until the Vacanze release on November 12th.
  8. Yes. When I asked them, they said it will be this month, but they aren't giving customers an exact release date. They also mentioned the print "lockdown" to me and said all the LSS stores are currently busy with inventory. I already bought one during the first release, but would love to get more for Christmas gifts :tup:
  9. Thanks ladies for the info! I really want to get a BV and I can't wait for them to start showing up on eBay and LJ. :tup:
  10. I'm bringing this topic back, I'm hoping someone might have asked if they'll be rereleasing Foresta in the new style Avventura. :graucho:
  11. i was just wondering that.... i shall ask them on monday, which is the rumored release day for vacanze :smile:
  12. awesome, let us know! :woohoo:
  13. i was just in lesportsac today at ala moana and the sales lady told me that foresta will be coming in early 08. which i thought was odd but maybe they want to squeeze out vacanze as much as possible.

    vacanze is on for monday as they were calling people about orders.
  14. So NO foresta until 2008?! Awww how disappointing!
  15. awwww