Any News on Lindy Bags?

  1. There was a flurry of Lindy excitement for a while and nothing has been posted for a while. I saw what I think was a Brighton Blue Lindy being carried the other day and got interested. Are Lindy owners enjoying the bag?
  2. If you're interested, there's one in black togo/clemence in harrods..
  3. I saw one being carried the other day. It was darling...etoupe with toile. But, I don't think it's the bag for me.
  4. pampered, the style is not quite me....however....and a big however, a friend was carrying one in all leather and it was stunning on her....

    I feel it's a neat style that needs to be tried, tho, before purchase.
  5. Absolutely, pampered. My SA was just asking me how I'm doing with my new bags, and I said it's the Lindy that goes out with me most of the time. I've been busy and it's Lindy who's most suited for my errands.

    I hardly have my Lindy hanging from my arm or even hand holding it. Mostly, it's on my shoulders. :heart:
  6. im in love with mine..carry it all the time..
  7. I am still loving mine, a rouge garrance in clemance. It is actually quite versatile and unlike the kellys and the birkins, it is a more subtle H style-bag.

    I use it a lot especially when I am running around. I brought it to the boutique last month and the SAs took turns trying it on. It CAN carry a LOT!

    I especially like those side pockets on either side - very useful!
  8. tried a brighten blue lindy in 34 in nyc. It's my bag. I must get it, but in a lighter color.