Any news at all about what will be in the new Spring ligne?

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  1. My khaki coco cabas is not even in my hot little hands and I am wondering what Chanel will tempt me with next....Anyone have any info? If no info, what are you hoping to see?:graucho:
  2. oh i would love to see whats next!!
  3. I'd like to see a few pieces in a really bright blue. Maybe a large classic or an ultimate soft flap.
  4. I am eagerly awaiting the denim cabas. I believe my SA meant the bag would actually be made of denim, as opposed to a denim color. I think the cabas would be fabulous in denim--soft and slouchy and great for every day.

    My SA also mentioned that the "naked" bag was going to be really hot. She said they are already receiving lots of calls on this style, though this is one I will surely skip. Can't see paying that much for a see-through vinyl bag!
  5. I saw the naked bags a few weeks ago... and haven't seen them since, so I'm assuming they sold out quickly. It's a really, really nice looking plastic bag. I can't imagine anyone but Chanel making such a nice looking plastic bag.

    I am so anxious for Spring, I can't tell you. I hope there will be something very large in black leather. Without the weight of a MC tote. Not a chance, I know, but I can always hope...
  6. I hope there is a nice selection of white bags in the Spring collection. I wanted one this past Spring, but there were no really WHITE ones to choose from. Now there are gorgeous white bags and it is winter~~~`:?:
  7. I want a white bag also. I really liked the pic of the bowler and flap lux bags in white, though I haven't seen them in stores yet. Chanel has taken over me this season so I really need to give my wallet a break, that is after I find a white Chanel bag.:roflmfao:
  8. Denim cabas sounds interesting...definitely want to see that. I, too, am passing on the naked bag...
  9. I am hoping for a white bag in the spring! But I know how I am, my practical side will take over and I will end up with ANOTHER black bag!
  10. On the, you can see the spring/summer fashion show. You can see the "naked" bag, metallics, & white. However, the show didn't highlight that many accessories. I also heard that denim is coming but it was not in the show.
    The Monaco show that was held on Dec 7 is already online as well. But once again, it didn't show that many bags.
  11. i want to see more white, ivory, red, blush, nude & baby blue colors ... :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:
  12. Boo naked bags.
  13. I think my SA said the spring trunk show is in mid January...
  14. I saw the 2007 Paris-Monaco collection online. It's really expensive (demi couture). I'm sure there are nice limited accessories to go with that collection. And I can't wait to see what in for the Valentine & hope Chanel will do better than last year.