any news about the new Bags & Trunks logo line ?

  1. i just CANT wait to know more about this line !

  2. me too! i need a pouch to go in my Tobago shoe bag.
  3. Yep, it was a great idea to wait by the way !

    i'm wondering if it will be something with a "clean" design like the tobago shoe bag (logo centered, clean and sharp fonts) or something a little more trendy like the logo on the denim cruise pouch.

    Wait and see :smile:

  4. i wish it'll be a solid coloured background preferably in leather. but uncoated canvas would be alright too. im quite worried they will just print it on Mono Canvas. i hope not.
  5. Yeah i know what you mean, me too i would prefer something different but there is big chances it will be a print on mono canvas like the groom line.

    BTW, would love to see more denim accessories even with the B&T logo but not as femininie as the cruise line pouch, the denim mono could be interpreted in a manly way with brown or camel leather, love the casual look.

  6. or better yet they'd do an entire collection in black Mono Denim w/ black leather trims exclusively for men.
  7. Great idea, let's fired Marc, Deluxeduck and Fred are the new LV creative director :yahoo:

  8. there any news? There's certainly no Groom-like hype about this line.
  9. I know I have been wondering about this for some time now!
  10. The only thing I know of with that logo right now is the line that looks like it has buttons on it..all the little colored circles on the bags have the "Trunks and Bags" logo on them.
  11. not so happy with these:


  12. Lol I'm on the list for the grass green one. It's gorgeous IRL :love:
  13. They would be overkill IMO.

    My SA told me thet there would be a mono canvas with dark trims (like the runway models), but it wasen't clear when it would launch, or which models would appear. Perhaps she was just referring to the runway models...

    I'd like more tobago-like stuff too...
  14. really? is it patent leather? they appear rather deflated :s i was thinking something more robust just like a Porte Monnaie Rond should.
  15. Yeah it's kind of like the Vernis without the LV print stamped on it. They had the yellowish one hooked onto one of those button-y bags. It's got calfskin on the inside (unless they change it when they're actually produced) and they're slated for a March 15th launch if everything goes well. I think it looks better IRL, the picture does give it a deflated look lol.