Any new Universal cases coming out?

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  1. I would like to get one for my camera and Ipod. I am in LOVE with new Ocelot one at the outlet but the closest one is 6 hours away and Ebay has one for $89 :tdown:. Are there any new FP one's coming out ?
  2. I remember someone mentioned that there's a poppy tartan one coming out soon.
  3. I want that Ocelot one.:graucho:
  4. I saw a tartan one at the boutique yesterday.
  5. I think my SA said there will be four styles with the winter Poppy stuff they are putting out. One of them will be a Tartan style but she didn't tell me or have info on the others, just that there were four style codes on the list of new stuff. I have the Pop C one from the July release and LOVE it!
  6. I would love two more universal cases! One for the phone, the camera, and the iPod. (is that too many!? :P) The tartan sounds super cute! But that might lead to too many prints in my bag! It will be super psychedelic!
  7. I'am loving the new Poppy Graffiti universal case..(The sv/black)