Any new status on when violet is coming in?

  1. Has anyone heard anything new on when the Violet bags are coming in please?:smile: TIA
  2. I was told yesterday maybe as soon as end of August. I asked because I'm going to be in NYC then and my SA said there's a chance they'll have them by then.
  3. End of August!! I was hoping sooner than that!
  4. I can't wait to see them... I'm not usually a purple gal, but these are so gorgeous and rich!
  5. I can't wait!!

    I will be in Jamaica the end of august...I hope they don't call me when I am there :sad:
  6. I. Can't. Wait. :wlae:
  7. I can't wait either!!! :yahoo:
  8. i can't wait either! i can't buy anymore big bags this year since i've already spent so much, but i'm really looking foward to buying a coin purse!
  9. I called BalNY last week and they said it should be available the end of July/start of Aug. I visited Barneys last weekend and I was told end of July:shrugs:.
  10. I just got a call today from my SA at Cultstatus (aust) and she told me the PT giant in Violet GSH that I waitlisted is coming in two weeks time!!!!! No mention of any other styles but I checked and they haven't received any yellows yet. I dont think i will end up getting the PT but I will report back.
  11. ^^^two weeks time? Gives me hope!!!
  12. OMG!!! 2 WEEKS??!!!! :yahoo:I hope that goes the same for the PT here in the US. I can't wait!!! This is one bag I'm really looking forward to getting.
  13. I heard they started to trickle out this week, but the bulk won't be available until mid to late August!
  14. Cant wait till I get to see it in person!
  15. hmm i called up on tuesday and put myself on the wait list to be notified for the ggh hobo in violet- the nice lady took my number- now im thinking- is there no chance that i will get one? have people been on a list for months now? she seemed pretty surprised that i wanted the hobo and not the day-shes like "you want the hobo, not the day?" and i just said yes the hobo but now im thinking- this will be my first BBAG (well im expecting a PT from bluefly too) but what i mean to say is i dont know much about Bal and i have never touched a real one in real life yet but i fell in love with the hobo and it just doesnt seem to be so popular in this forum- am i making a mistake??