any new info on outlets

  1. Last I heard (or read) SH is the only outlet doing placement. Has anyone had any luck with Seattle ot have any idea what their stock is like?
  2. Based on what I've gathered on this forum, Seattle will do placement only if you email them your request.....
  3. That's what I heard too.

    What's the story w/Woodbury?:confused1:
  4. From what I've heard, they don't really care about placement at all and won't let you pick out which one you want :sad:
  5. :tdown::tdown::tdown:That stinks!!
  6. No they won't. They ignore e-mails :cursing:
  7. Yeah, that's been my experience. I'm through with Seattle after the last experience I had dealing with them.
  8. Called SH today (for the first time!) and wanted help with an inferno canguro. No such luck. The SA who answered said they were too busy to help me with placement. :tdown: So now I have more time to think about the purchase. That kinda dampened my excitement. Earlier, I was ready with my credit card and all. :push:
  9. How rude :sad: :tdown: I'm sorry that they were rude to you~
  10. I know they don't do placements anymore on the weekends. Maybe because it's Friday night? But, yeah, I am kind of annoyed that they are less and less willing to help with placements. I can understand if someone is wanting to go over the entire print with them, but if you're just looking for a couple characters, what's the big deal? Phone customers are just as much customers as in-store. But that's just my opinion.:shrugs:
  11. sorry to hear about your bad experience, angelic*ruin :sad:
    so far, i've had really good experiences with seattle. they've been really helpful answering questions through email and they're super nice in person. :yes:
  12. I had a similar first reaction at SH, but a different end result. They were too busy to help with phone order placement. I nicely asked if I could just leave my number to call back when less busy. They called back that a little later the same day and helped me a lot with specific placement on 4 beautiful bags!!! I think they just can't deal with it when too busy.
  13. I recently got a Pirata Campeggio (my 1st of many tokidoki bags) from the Seattle outlet and the SA that helped me was Kelly. She was super sweet and nice and was a pleasure doing business with. She happily picked out the perfect placement bag for me and when i emailed her back asking for other bags, she gave me very detailed descriptions and even set aside 2 bags in case I decided to purchase them.

    Before I chose to buy from the Seattle outlet I tried calling and emailing the other outlets. One of the SA's from the SH outlet was very helpful but when I called and emailed the Woodbury outlet, they were very snooty and such ... bi-atches!
  14. Does anyone know when or if they are going to have any styles for 50% off? And are they running low on certain bags that I should not wait.

  15.'s amazing how everyone here has different results with the same stores. :wtf: I know for a fact that southampton is super busy in the summer so sometimes they're crazed and I totally understand that but Lindsey said that if you call during the week they will try their best to help us. I haven't dealt w/seattle or woodbury lately but I heard they aren't very helpful :tdown:

    Ice-Cream what are you looking to get? Maybe they'll put paradiso & inferno 50% off when they get spiaggia :shrugs: It takes them a super long time to mark the stuff down 50%.