Any New Ergo Leather Colors?

  1. Does anyone know if they're going to introduce new leather colors for the Ergo in the original style? I'd LOVE to see this bag in dark brown leather for the fall...

    The new style with the additional hardware is pretty but I prefer the original one. I'm not looking for patent leather but the original leather...

    Anyone with the scoop? See anything in a lookbook? Heard anything from an SA?
  2. The Coach Managers are at their annual fall convention somewhere in Florida so this information is not available yet. I may know more in another week when the manager of my store returns with the scoop for me. In the lookbook it only shows the new Hobos with the buckle in front. There is a new Ergo flap bag that closes with a turnlock closure and the style number is No. 11254. It is not a large bag and retails for $298.
    It comes in tobacco, brown and black.
    My Store Manager knows that I am looking for a Mandy in brown and a Carly in brown. I really don't think that Coach will be repeating the Hobo with Turnlock closure for the early fall. They may choose to bring it back later in suede closer to the Christmas season though.
  3. I found pics on that site that has all the styles on it of the Ergo in a red leather and a chocolate leather. There's also a thread here about the chocolate ergo that has pics of it as well as the red. They look gorgeous! I don't know if they'll actually produce them or not though.
  4. i posted this in my thread a while back so here ya go:


    brass/chocolate **myotherchoice**
    brass/plum **mychoice**


    khaki (sig)/black(leather)
  5. Does anyone know when these would go on sale?
  6. These bags have not even been released yet and can't even be ordered until mid-August. I don't think that they would make it to the outlets before December. The items are generally in the stores for three months so it would be December at the earliest.
  7. Thank you ladies for all this great info! I think I see another ergo in my future!
  8. Ha, sorry, I just meant when could I buy one because I LOVE IT!! Thanks!
  9. Sorry I misunderstood you. The New Ergos with the buckle closure can be ordered on August 1st. The other ones with the turnlock closure -Coach does not have a realease date. I expect it will be in October sometime.
  10. bummer that we can't get these. I was on the coach website, and just for kicks, clicked on the Japan site, and many of the newer bags are posted. I have no clue what the text says (description/price), but they look good :p
  11. mmmm... the leather plum and the signature w/ the plum sound yummy. Can't wait. When do they come out?