Any New England Hermes fans??

  1. One of the gals on the board is trying to organize a meeting of New England girls....and I thought in case anyone might have missed it I would post it here for my fellow Hermes would be so fun to shop with a fellow Hermes lover!! Of course, it will be fun to shop with purse lovers too lol!! PM me for more details...:graucho:
  2. We had a SF get-together a few weeks ago and it was a blast! We met at a restaurant, ate a wonderful lunch while getting to know each other and then did a little shopping. If I lived on the East Coast I'd join you in a hot second! Hope you have a GREAT time!!!!!!
  3. Where and when do you guys plan to get together? I am in New England area, too!!!
  4. Ooh shopmom, where did you have lunch? Love SF!
  5. aspen I pm'd you and forwarded the original!
  6. Thank you!
  7. I was there too and it was SO much fun to meet everyone. We ate at E&O Trading Co. and it was really good. Great day! Hope all you New Englanders have a wonderful time! :biggrin:
  8. Thank you, Heather! I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of that restaurant....Oting....if you get a chance, go because the food was really good!
  9. shoes and aspenmartial...I wish I could join you if I lived in New fun!!
  10. I hope the dates work because they are choosing between 2 and I can only do one!
  11. Shopmom, isn't that a southeast Asian eatery? Sounds wonderful, but haven't been. Usually when I'm out shopping at Union Square I walk a few paces and head to the restaurant at Campton Place. Another wonderful restaurant right on Union Square at the Westin St. Francis is Michael Mina!
  12. Shoes319- Which dates are they choosing from-between 2 and ? ? The 2nd choice is missing...It is July, right? Thanks!
  13. Wow, Oting....I didn't know that about Michael Mina....I will definately check that out next time in the SF. Hopefully not too soon because H always beacons!!!!!!
  14. Aspen.....It was July 1 and 8.....did you e-mail your preference?? I hope so!!