Any NEW ebay sellers?

  1. Am I the only NEWBIE seller here?

    Well, I have 80-something views, and 8 watchers! No bids yet, still 5 days left.

    This is my first item, I am so excited!!! WISH ME LUCK!

    I really hope it sells, for at least my reserve!

    Please give me tips/advice on selling!
  2. Five days is a long time! Don't worry!
  3. good luck!!!
  4. LNGUYEN? strange...I'm LNGUYEN TOO!


    Well i just added a "fine print" to my listing, to protect myself from bait and switchers, I hope it wont scare off people! Then again, it will only scare off the spammers!
  5. I never use a reserve on my listings but I don't set my starting price too low - generally the minimum I would accept. On NR auctions it is quite common to have the week go by with no bids. Usually the number of watchers increases as the week goes on. The bidding often does not start until the last day of the auction.