Any New Cross body bags?

  1. Does anyone know if there's going to be any new cross body bags--legacy, duffles, combo, etc...coming out? I'd love to get a larger cross body style that can carry more....

    Any SAs out there that can give us the 411?:graucho:

    BTW-took my daughter to see Nancy Drew and she loved it! Now she wants to start reading the series!
  2. I really hope so! I have this and i love it. I guess it's a crossbody bag, at least that's the way i used it-:smile:

  3. I only know that there is going to be a new version of the Legacy Hippie Bag No. 11132. I don't know what colors it will come in but it is $428.
  4. I talked to my SA about this bag, and it sounds very similar to the original hippie but it has the turnlock at the very bottom and not in the middle of the bag (more like the stewardess bag)..It sounds pretty but don't know what it looks like! Also said that it won't be in stores except for Hawaii and California but you should be able to order it at some point...:p
  5. is there a picture of the new version somewhere? I love cross body bags, but need something a little bigger than the hippie