Any new colors....

  1. on the horizon? Would love to get in on a pink the next time around. Anyone have any inside scoop? :cool:
  2. Grey is coming according to Sheryl at BNY MAD. Shooting for a December release but it may not come until the new year not sure which styles will be released more intel to come.
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    Grey is out in Paris in only the Marquise right now. May be available in the St. Louis soon.

    The style 223 should be available in states soon.

  4. I would love a purple St. Louis.
  5. yup according to SM in Paris grey will be the new colour in 2013 it will be limited. If you are interested pre ordering is available currently if I am not wrong.
  6. Ooh grey would be gorgeous
  7. Would love to see it in real life first before making any order. Somehow not a fan of grey... but then again Goyard colours never go wrong. Hmmm...
  8. I would love a gray St. Louis PM. Please keep us in the loop if you hear anything else!
  9. There is a grey Voltaire for sale on eBay. This is a good representative pix of the grey Marquise I saw in Paris.

    The Voltaire has silk over the goyardine canvas, while the Marquise is just canvas.