Any new brand? enlight me!!!

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  1. I am looking for brands that are not widely known but have been known for their good styles.

    they cannot be too expensive. (looking at gucci prada lvl at maximum)
    something that suit to 20s and 30s.

    any suggestion?
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    Hi, could you please specify which kind of bags you are looking for (leather, canvas, simple/distinctive designs) so that we can better help you? There's loads of good designers and brands out there and I'm sure everyone will chime in and throw their (very valuable) two cents, but I think it would be way easier for you if you narrowed your search field.

    That said, Hervè Chapelier is well-known here in Europe for its simple, practical and durable (yet pretty) tote bags :

    There's different sizes and colour combos to choose from, and there's also the possibility of getting leather or fabric handles. I personally have a large brown (Moka) tote and it's a great everyday bag.

    If you're looking for something more formal and, above evrything, leather, Orciani ( is a great brand. The designs are classy and the quality superb. HTH
  3. carshoe is a brand I like, though they're are known for making shoes (loafers) their bags are relly nice too. The quality is good and the prices range from 300€- 700€ so not cheap but still not that expensive. Carshoe was established in 1963 in italy and is now owened by the prada group.
    I like their bags because they use very lightweight leather. . .
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    I like karen ly. I stumbled upon it while I was looking for a beige bag. I bought it at an authorized shop on ebay. you can get it a great price in auctions.

    here's the official site so you can take a look

    this is the bag I got:

    with flash

    without flash

    the leather is very nice, supple. the only downside is that the handles are a bit heavy, but the body of the bag is very light, so they even out I guess :biggrin:
  5. Try belen echandia --
    they even offer bespoke service so you can customize your bag..
  6. I forgot to add that is always a nice place to peruse when in search of a bag. Many sellers offer great craftmanship at relatively low prices, and you can even get bespoke designs.
  7. 2nd carshoe. Gorgeous color range as well.
  8. If you want something less popular but with good quality, you can try Furla. They are reasonable priced leather bag made in Italy. You can get a very decent one around $500.
  9. I like Moni Moni leather bags.
  10. :yahoo:I just happened upon a beautiful new line called can see my post...I absolutely LOVE THEM...the leather is superb, it is madelike a valentino but alas, the cost...under 1000!!! for all their bags. The shop owner told me that this quality is hard to come by at this price, and I believe it! Also, it is environmentally sensitive, i.e. they are chrome free, veg tanned leathers made in Italy...I think they are amazing! :nuts: They have practical ones, and a beautiful petal one...I really loved them all... a great bag, made well..can't say enough. Best part is this line SS is limited editions and they didn't make a lot, so you will most likely not see them around, so foronce, you will be different from the crowd...which I love!! is their website.. you should take a look! I also, heard they may be running a special for the month, don't quote me, but I did get mine at 15% off...they said it was a Feb special because they were new etc...hmmmm... I felt like at the price, nothing was made like this, in Italy...and NOT IN CHINA for once! :smile: Good luck!!! I am sure you will find something!;)