Any new Bluefly codes?

  1. I tried the one posted on the thread below, but it wouldn't work for me...if anybody has a new one, I would be very grateful:flowers:

  2. I don't have a code but thought I would share that Bluefly is having their first warehouse sale in NYC beginning Thursday:

    What: Find Outlet is kicking off the first Bluefly Warehouse Sale

    When: Thursday Sept.28th From 12pm-9pm
    Friday Sept.29th From 9am-9pm
    Saturday Sept.30th From 9am-9pm
    Sunday Oct. 1st From 9am-5pm

    Where: 72 Greene Str. (betw. Spring & Broome)

    Why: You are invited to claim first dibs on the biggest deals on the best stuff
    in town from on Thursday Sept.28th starting at 12pm till 9pm
    we have organized a special preview party for all our Find Outlet shoppers!
    You can come in with $20 and walk out with a gorgeous $100 sweater!
    Feast your eyes upon racks of markdowns and all the space and mirrors to try on your goods!
    And bring your boyfriend, husband, brother, father or best male friend
    to the Bluefly Warehouse Sale starting this Thursday Sept.28th at 12pm at 72 Greene Str.
    cause we also have some amazing goodies for HIM!!

    We accept cash and all major creditcards!
  3. I am not sure if anybody mentioned but CASHMERE6 is for $10 off for over $100 order.c
  4. SAVE33 for 10% OFF
  5. ^^^Nope, won't work.:sad:
  6. click through the below link for 15% off entire order

    Bluefly - Welcome to Bluefly - Designer Brands (Prada, Fendi, Gucci & more) at Discount Prices

    Offer available through this email only. Discount valid until 6:30 A.M. EST on 10/07/06. Valid for one time use only. Reductions will be reflected during checkout on the Review & Order page. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions, discounts, or promo codes. Reduced prices cannot be applied retroactively to purchases made prior to the start of this sale or to purchases made after the end of this sale. This offer is non-transferable.

    this is the link from the email they sent me yesterday "Welcome back to Bluefly"
  7. aebf30 for 30$ off 200$ purchase
  8. Thanks Juicy for that aebf30 Code. I just ordered and got 30% off a clearance item. Cool Beans.

  9. I just used it!!! I saved $10, the others below did not work for me. :graucho: Thanks a bunch!
  10. Thank you! I used the 15% off code to get my Hype Lucinda bag that I've been salivating over for the past two weeks. I saved $17
  11. Thanks a million hk813!! I just saved $97 on my purchase of 6 pairs of my FAVORITE PDC jeans!! :jammin: Any promo codes I win in the Ultimate Shoe Giveaway game, I will be posting for you guys...although those are single-use codes :s
  12. yeah! it still works!! thanks so much! just saved another $30 off chanel clogs! yeah! yeah!

  13. MISSEDYOU222 for 15% off $100+. good til 10/21
  14. Here's one Welcome729