Any new bbags at Sac Nordstrom?

  1. I'm headed out to Sacramento next week and was wondering if there were any sightings of the "resort" pre-S/S 08 bbags at Nordstrom yet. Or what's left of the 07 collection. Any locals know?
  2. I loved to know as well.
  3. they also got the 2 toned bags but they're not that great looking IMO
  4. I was there yesterday and it was pretty slim. The SS08 bags mentioned in another thread were gone--I think there was one bubblegum first.

    They had a pine rh part time, tomato red rh city, a step (can't remember the color) and ivory work. Can't really recall much else.

  5. Just got back from there today, they have a gorgeous bright red city (they have 3, but only 2 are really worth buying - 1 had the worst leather I've seen, the SA even described it as "dead") they also have 1 magenta city, ivory city, and a couple greens, blacks, and browns in various styles, all RH!