Any new bag purchase plans this weekend?

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  1. Just curious which of you ladies will be shopping this weekend for a new to die for bag. If so which one will it be? Im contemplating :amuse: either a LV batigonelles(how do I spell that?) a paddy or another City B bag.:love: Lets compare notes!!;)
  2. I just bought a Burberry meduim tote about 20min ago for class!
  3. I'm just going looking for my next bag and I'm torn between the Chloe Edith, first or city b-bag and YSL Muse.
  4. My vote is the YSL! :nuts:
  5. I just ordered the Chanel reissue medium in black. I'm so excited b/c there aren't that many left.

    ranskimmie & tanja, my vote would be for the b bag. I'd love to see what 2006 colors you guys pick.
  6. I just put a post about this...what are you thinking about getting?
  7. CONGRATS I am addicted to Burberry...what does it look like??? Oh do show...:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  8. I started the weekend early and got the dark grey paddington today. I'm in love :love:
  9. I say go for the paddy ;) . I have the batignolles vertical too and love it love it love it.
  10. I'm getting to Orange county next weekend & getting a new bag. I'm thinking of getting a black City but I'm not sure..

  11. Thanks! This isnt the best pic but here it is!

    Attached Files:

  12. She's beautiful!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
    I am confused as to what I should get this weekend. Becareful about it rubbing on clothes that are still giving off dye. :sad:
  13. Im getting one! Im set on this one:

    I already have the smaller sister:
  14. ooo...pretty
  15. Next week is my bday-I am going to either buy the TODS benji bag or a Fendi B Bag....I am leaning towards the Tods.......