Any Neiman Marcus still have the coco cabas in khaki?

  1. I've already checked the Chanel boutiques and I'm hoping maybe a lone NM might have it.
  2. My freind was at the Nordstrom in Woodland hills ca a couple days ago and said she met a gal returning on when she was purchasing her new bag.
    It may be worth a try ...just a thought
  3. Nope, I was there today and the SA called and checked online for me.

    BUT while I was there a girl returned her black patent vinyl tote, the threads are ripping on the seam on the bottom. The SA took the return and said approximately 1/3 of what they had has been returned for the same reason. Well it is plastic after all, so I guess it can only with stand so much weight.
  4. In the baby coco cabas, khaki is a bronze caviar leather. I didn't know they had these problems with the vinyl. I guess I'll cross THAT ONE off my list and promptly too! How awful!
  5. :wtf: :shocked:
  6. There's been issues with the caviar leather cabas also? :crybaby:
  7. What kind of issue?:nuts:
  8. My NM just got a Khaki coco cabas in. Call lisa hamlin at (248) 635-8442.
  9. Thanks to Nanaz seeing this thread I got the Khaki Coco Cabas from Lisa! She's shipping it in the never saw anyone run so fast for a credit card in your life...ha.

    Thanks to my friend Nanaz and Jag!

    PD Regarding my post above, it was ONLY about the VINYL Cabas.
  10. Good for you Donna! Nanaz was looking out for you, that's great.

    Lisa is the best! What a trooper she is... she doesn't quit even with being under the weather. :biguns:
  11. donna...
    congrats... we will be khaki cabas twins...
  12. Nanaz and I keep each other semi-sane with our bag addictions. We talk on the phone a few times a day. She has become a wonderful friend and I treasure her!:heart:

    And poor Lisa sounded sooo sick, I felt so bad calling her, but she was an absolute doll!
  13. ^^I see you snuck one in before the ban. You'll love it! It's the perfect size bag. I was lucky enough, thanks to a pfer, to get a teal that i absolutely love.
  14. Hey Bella, one quick question about the teal.. how light is the bag?