Any negatives on Balenciagas?

  1. All Balenciaga owners...

    Have any of you found any negatives to the bags? Anything regarding the leather, hardware, stitching, craftsmanship, anything?

    Just wondering about any negatives or remorse after owning one for awhile?

    If you'd like...please share any positives as well.
  2. The only downside for me is that I usually prefer bags with more interior pouches/pockets. But the outside pocket helps.
  3. Agree!!! But I got used to it, so now it doesn't bother me as much
  4. second on the pouch issue, but it's easy enough to find stuff in it.
  5. Don't laugh at me, but not one pouch or compartment inside? Just one large opening?
  6. There's one small zippered pouch on the inside, and one on the outside.

    A lot of my other bags have a zippered pocket AND a cell phone pocket AND a PDA pocket, so that's spoiled me. But I love my City bag!!!
  7. The only negative so far, is the fact that my tassles split.
  8. i agree with lelgin - my tassels on my FIRST are splitting but thats ok! I find that the CITY and the TWIGGY size are great for work... you can really pack loads of stuff into these 2 types of bags! the leather is great... its gets softer over time!!! i love my b-bags!!! i hope you get one too, Kellybag!
  9. Ohhhh I just remembered, the only other negative is that it's SO DARN ADDICTIVE :roflmfao:
  10. One negative for me is that I am "rough" on handbags. I normally spray them down with any old protectant when I first buy them and that's it. My bags have been placed on the ground, on the floor of my car...I've even thrown them into my trunk on occassion.

    The goatskin on B-bags is so delicate, you have to be careful. I find myself "babying" the bags more than I do others...I got a coffee stain on my cornflower this morning and immediately got out the Apple Guarde and conditioned the stain out. I'm used to tough calfskin bags like a Luella Gisele.:shame:
  11. i second that!!! :lol:
  12. i also don't like having my tassles split so easily either. the new ones are especially prone to this.
  13. I agree that they're more delicate, or at least I preceive them that way--haven't had anything happen yet to make me think they're really so. A big positive for me is that they are very lightweight compared to a lot of other bags.
  14. here's a negative ... seeing everyone and their brother struttin' down the street carrying a fake!:censor: :censor: :censor: :censor:
  15. I love the city, but it is an arm-held bag for the most part. I do not think it looks that attractive when shouldered by the strap.