Any needlepointers out there?

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  1. Anyone enjoy needlepoint? Are you a member of ANG?
  2. I don't do it (very well ~~Haha!) but I will be happy to see what the rest of you make of this thread!!!!!!:nuts:
  3. I haven't in forever, but I recently picked up some small kits to teach my kids how. I learned in 8th grade & most of my sewing hand-stitches are based off of the embroidery stitches I learned back then.
  4. Yes, I love to needlepoint, this is my only hobby. Do you get any of your canvases on line and where? I am not an expert, just a hobbist. I buy alot most of my canvases from
  5. I'm lucky in that I have three two needlepoint shops near me and one cross stitch shop that also carries NP. I've also ordered sale canvases from Over the years, I've worked in three shops so I've collected a number of canvases. I have no need to buy another but you know how that is! The new threads and colors that keep hitting the market keep me inspired. I'll check out the site you mentioned.

  6. Thank you for the web site, I am always looking for more interesting canvasas. This web site has a nice selection.:ty:
  7. I'm a member of ANG national as well as a local chapter, and I was able to go to Seminar in Indian Wells, CA for the first time ever in September. It was great, and I even saw some lovely (mostly fabric) totes and handbags while I was there!

    I read two blogs faithfully every day--Purse Blog and the Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure <>. Jane Wood, the blogger, provides interesting photos and information in a friendly, accessible style. Recently I've also been checking out Spinster Stitcher's blog <>. The blogger is hilarious--she has a feisty attitude as well as a cute little dog who sometimes hijacks her computer to write his own reports.