Any Natural Works out there anymore ?

  1. Has anyone seen Natural I've been wondering this for awhile but do you think I can find a Natural Work with SGH ?

    If there are no Naturals...I'm also looking for Sahara work or a Sandstone work!

  2. Aw...I guess I have to rethink getting a bbag for christmas then because I'm so set on these colors...I really need a good neutral to wear light colored clothes with.

    has anyone seen anything around ?
  3. Natural only came with GH and was sold out very quickly.:yes: Your best bet would be eBay right now. I love mine.:tup:
  4. There is a natural weekender with rh on eBay now, I don't know the seller so if you are interested... please check out the authenticity first. #130182999920
  5. Nanaz- your work is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure it must go with everything..i've been looking for a great neutral now for awhile and have now finally settled on natural, sahara, or sandstone..either one would be great. But my heart is settled on natural it's so pretty.

    pinkie-thank you but a weekender is far too large for me right now. i'm looking for a work...=)