Any Nashville shoppers out there?

  1. Wow, another business trip on the horizon...this time I'm off to Nashville for a week in mid April :yahoo: . I've never been there in my life and am looking forward to a lot of hard work and hopefully some time to relax and get some good shopping in.

    I'm staying in Brentwood, but will be working closer to downtown. Any good ideas on where to shop, eat or other good distractions (besides the music scene which is a given). :wlae:

  2. Hello there. For mall shopping, there is the Mall at Green Hills. It has LV, Coach, Macy's, Cheesecake Factory, J. Crew, etc. I think the mall has a website with all the stores. Near Green Hills is Hillsboro Village. This is a great area for restaurants. Some really nice local places with a variety of foods. The weather is really nice this time of year. Also in this area is a place you MUST go to called the Pancake Pantry. I can't tell you how delicious these pancakes are. The line is long, but it moves quickly. If you like classical music, see if there is a concert while you are there (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). Nashville just built a new and wonderful symphony hall with great sound quality. It's beautiful. Well, I must get to bed but I will check back.
  3. ^^ thanks, katheryn!! Sounds great.
  4. ^^That mall is awesome! I go to Nashville once a yr. for a business trip and we stay at the Opryland Hotel which is also a fun and amazing place to see if you get the chance...there's a mall next to that which has lower end stores but is huge - I don't have much else to offer though but have fun!
  5. I agree about going to Green Hills, it is the best mall in the area. Love it!!!!!
  6. This is such exciting news to me! I'm going to Nashville in mid-July, and I've been wondering where I should shop. I've only been there twice before, but I don't I've ever been to the Green Hills mall, just Opry Mills.

    I know I didn't start this thread, but thanks for answering, those of you who did, because I needed the exact same information!
  7. ^^ yay, Caxe!! thanks everyone for your posts...can't wait (I leave 4/11...OMG!)