Any Nashville Hermes gals??

  1. Will be visiting the area in February and wonder if anyone lives nearby? Please pm me if so!:yes:
  2. Shoes...what do you need to know? I have been there a few times and I have a friend that lives there. I could find out some info. if you need it.

    Are you going for vacation?
  3. Thanks KB! Actually it's a yearly business trip - and fun as we stay at the Opryland Hotel where the convention is which is great! I didn't know if anyone here would want to meet! I didn't want to post in the general thread because I thought maybe one of us H gals might live there...I don't get to venture too far for shopping other than the mall next to the hotel/convention center but that's's still a nice trip mid-winter...Have you been to the Opryland KB?
  4. Oh wow - I've been to the Opryland Hotel - was there for memorial Day weekend in late May this year... that place is truly amazing! I would love to see it at Christmas time! I hear it's even more beautiful! The only thing missing there is a nice H boutique!!!