Any NAP code for international site?

  1. There are 88 items on sale @ NAP international site currently, including this MJ Julia Tote and some burberry bags.

    MJ tote

    In comparison, the american site has only 13 sale items :confused1:

    Is there any free shipping or %off codes that work w/ the international site?
  2. post the website please....:nuts:
  3. never mind.., i found it! :drool:
  4. guys..., where is the coupon code??? how much is shipping anyway to US if buy from international site?
  5. I don't think there are any codes right now. Shipping and tax/duties show up when you put the item in the cart. Its expensive. I was going to buy two things yesterday and the shipping/duties were about $50. I decided I didn't really need it. If there was a code I would have bought it.