Any Multi-functional bag under $400???

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  1. Hi. I am new to this forum and i :heart: it :biggrin::woohoo:.

    Btw, I need some advices......

    I have a 3yrs old autistic boy to chase around everytime we went for traveling therefore I need a 'multi-functional' bag.
    A bag that can be wear it in many ways such as over the shoulder, crossbody, handcarry etc.

    My hubby has limited my budget to $400 for my 30th Birthday.
    Any recommendation??

    Thanks in advance ^_^
  2. These are slightly over budget, but I figure if you like the style it shouldn't be too hard to find a site that has coupon codes.

    My pick would be the LP Dylan

    It looks very versatile, rich soft leather that is perfect for an everyday bag, looks solid and hardy, and comes in multiple colors. I love this bag, if I had it in my budget right now I would snap it up in a second, but I settled for the matching wallet :P

    Two more in different styles, one is punkier one is more classic. They've both got long enough straps to wear crossbody and shoulder, the Botkier has satchel handles as well.:

    Botkier Tao (this bag looks so hot)

    Kooba Joey

    They've both got long enough straps to wear crossbody and shoulder, the Botkier has satchel handles as well.
  3. How about a Coach Hailey? $298 (in Canada, not sure where you are), has a removable crossbody strap and the main strap is a length that can be hand-carried, looped over your arm or worn on the shoulder. It holds quite a bit of stuff (although the leather ones can get heavy if you stuff them too full). It comes in several colors of leather and several kinds of fabric and is a hobo style.
  4. I love my Burberry crossbosy Dryden. It retailes for 395, but I bought it new on the bay for 265. The only thng is it is only a crossbody bag. No hand held option so I don't know if it will work for you. I do love the pocket on the outside.
  5. I recently purchased my first Hayden-Harnett -- a Burke Satchel -- mainly because I had been hunting for a dark purple or aubergine. I'm used to paying for Chanel, Prada and Gucci, so this was an excellent purchasing experience, and I've decided that I really like the Burke Satchel a lot. Price was $370.00 which was $300 off the regular price.

    If you want a handbag made of very nice leather that can be worn over the shoulder, cross-body or carried in hand, then you might want to look at this handbag. It has detachable metal handles, and also a sturdy strap which can be lengthened or shortened . . . and is also detachable. LOTS of pockets (zip and magnetic) on the outside, so this handbag is perfect for traveling. Size is perfect (for me) at about 15 x 10 x 4, and I don't think it's very heavy even after I filled it.

    Here's a link for a black Hayden-Harnett Burke Satchel, which is $335.00. There are other colours, including the more-expensive aubergine.

    Link to other Hayden-Harnett handbags:

    Whatever handbag you choose, I hope you will model it for us!

  6. Oooops, the Hayden-Harnett Burke Satchel's metal handles are not detachable. :thinking:

    I was thinking of another handbag! Sorry about that . . .


  7. No problem.

    Thanks for all the advices and recommandation ^_^