Any Mulberry Shimmy fans here?

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  1. I quite like the shape of Shimmy, but would like to hear more suggestions. Not too many people discuss it...:thinking:
  2. Which shimmy do you mean?
  3. I personally love the Shimmy in all it forms! Every time I see one I drool!
  4. Shimmy in tumbled leather doesn't look that good, it's too stiff of the shape.
    I love the shape of my east west shimmy, see how it looks with a cute Mr. huge bear :P

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  5. Me me me numeroo. :yahoo:

    I am in the throes of ecstatic love for it. In past month I have been lucky enough to get taupe regular and cerise e/w. I love the big chunky hooks on the end of the strap and the big blingy dog tag. As you look at the bag you just see the three gold chunks of lovely clean lined hardware standing out against the leather. :drool:

    I love the fact that the strap is material not leather and is a perfect counterpoint to the bling of the hardware giving it a casual look. If you take the strap off the E/W it's quite a formal looking bag.

    I originally got cerise tote but I didn't like the big gold hoops. I found they detracted from the rest of the bag. However I want a tote with gunmetal hardware. The drape of the leather on the tote is exquisite and it is almost as elegant as a Bays without the strap attached.

    I'm not exactly impartial !!

    It doesn't get a lot of mentions here compared to other Mulberries . Hope that changes. There are a few modelling pics on the catwalk and celeb thread but not enough IMO. I am hoping to do mine this weekend.

    Maybe a club will get going !!!
  6. I'm passionately in love with my Black Tumbled Sheepskin Shimmy Hobo. It doesn't look that outstanding when it is just sitting there but it looks so elegant when I put it on. I really feel a million dollers! Like the others, I am also smitten by its unusual chunky shiney black hardware.

    I want an Emerald one, ideally quilted, but they probably won't make one for me.
  7. The purple quilted one looks like it will be lovely. I think it's gunmetal hardware. Emerald would actually be perfect with a gold dog tag. Ooooohhh....
  8. I like the soft matte shoulder bag shimmy ...I have set my eye on a sand one on Mulberry website, but it's gone now..:sad:

    To tastefashion - that looks very cute on you!
  9. To Corries - in love with your taupe regular!
  10. If I see a taupe E/W coming up second hand I might go for it too and sell something thats not getting used much. The regular is really really big. E/W could be used dressy up. Taupe and gold are just lovely.
  11. I don't have one but I fell in love with an Oak quilted last week. The quilted RN would be TDF:biggrin:
  12. oh come on corries, modeling pictures pls!!!!!!!!!!!! Regular size is too big for me, I really wish I hv taupe in regular size, but all gone.... and I really love cerise e/w shimmy! One thing I want to ask, what are the difference btw soft matte leather & natural smooth leather?

    mamabenny, Oak Quilted leather shimmy hobo definitely is a lovely bag!!
  13. Shimmy fan here! I would love an oak quilted Shimmy Tote - it looks fabulous.

  14. I took a while to get used to the two sizes tastefashion. When I see a pic of a petite woman with e/w I think it looks like the regular does on me. I'm Uk 14/16. However when I was trawling for pics to compare I found this one of Cheryl Cole with a taupe shimmy. Now she is beyond tiny and if that's a regular then it looks okay. If it's an e/w then she is even smaller than I thought! I've tried to tell from the zip but I'm not sure. My logic tells me she would fit in a regular shimmy TBH.

    Catch the big stain at the bottom !! Look out for it on ebay ladies. Looks like her knuckledusters clattered against a Bacardi Breezer.

    The soft matte cerise comes with a care card with so many warnings it should carry a skull and crossbones. It is described as delicate and just touching it you know why. It would suck up any liquid and never let go. She is twice her weight with collinol already and I swear I will be kicking any sticky fingered toddler into orbit who comes near it :nuts:

    Seriously , cerise is not going to be a day bag. I'm just going to have to baby her. As she was a bolt from the blue when I got her I don't mind.

    Modelling pics tomorrow when OH is at football

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  15. ^^ I have this size too in Straw , have been using it quite a lot in the country . It's very casual and great to travel with .