Any Mulberry Lovers Out There?

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  1. Hi Dia, I think it's an authentic one because of the mulberry tree on the round badges and the rivets. I'm not an expert of mulberrys, therefore I don't know this mulberry type (sorry for my bad english, I hope you know what I mean...). But I've had have a Mulberry Bayswater bag and the badge and the rivets look the same way. You can look very good pictures of real Mulberrys on Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM! Good luck...
  2. Hi! The bag is called Bayswater, "tooled one". The leather looks real darwin leather, it has to have scratches. If the brass tag has numbers on it, they should be allmost white, not black like in all fakes. Fake bags tend to have too black/dirty "mulberry" text on the brass rivets.