Any more Modern Chain tote sightings?

  1. I'm just curious, if anyone has seen any more e/w large modern chain totes?? I know I've read a few posts lately that some of you ladies have seen them. Are stores getting new shipments of this bag? I'm looking for red, black, or white (or all three :whistle: ).
  2. Try NM Charlotte NC
  3. call lisa hamlin, I ordered a white one from her on wednesday and it's supposed to arrive any minute now. She's an absolute doll! # to the store is 248 643 3300 and her business cell is 248 635 8442. I found out on Wed that she received a shipment of the black and white e/w totes thanks to Jag!
  4. I saw a black one at NM in SF two days ago.
  5. Thanks so much for you help. I'll give them all a call.
  6. i just got the black one yesterday at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. They might still have 1-2 white ones left if you hurry. The shipment just arrived yesterday.
  7. White at NM San Antonio
  8. There is a black one here at NM SF. It is $2225.
  9. I called the SF store and was told that it was on hold for someone already :crybaby:
  10. Who told you that? We do have another one. If you like, call again.
  11. I just spoke to Christine(XoChrissie) over the phone.


    ask for Christine. for some reason, whoever told you they didnt have before it was MISTAKEN.

    good luck!!! :smile:
  12. Thanks to everyone for your help! I was able to get a white one! :yahoo: But everyone is insisting that they're out of black. I'll keep calling, though. I know that one pf member was able to find a red one. If anyone hears about/sees a red one out there, I'd :heart: :heart: :heart: to snatch it up.
  13. really, red is still around?~:drool:
    I got a black one last week in Boston NM, they had 3 came in, all black, not sure if there's still any left. I'd love to see a red one though~
  14. thanks. I bought a black one one from NM SF yesteday. Too bad the girl who helped me was a complete malicious beyotch! luckily, the manager came along and finished me up.
  15. anybody has the pic of the bag? does the tote look like the grand/petite shopper tote but different chain?