Any More MIU MIU bow satchels left in grey?

  1. I'm so mad at Barneys! I ordered the bow satchel in grey on 8/25; finally found out today after calling them that it was out of stock (9/16)!:crybaby: Didn't have the courtesy to send me an e-mail. :cursing:

    So now I'm wondering if there are any stores left selling it (besides the boutique)? I'm scared to order from the MIU MIU boutique in NYC. Is shipping to Cali very expensive? Thank you in advance for the help.
  2. Why are you scared to order from the boutique in NYC? I just ordered the black bow satchel from the Madison store. No problems. Do you know anything I should know?
  3. I called the store on Madison on Fri. - no grey
    they told me not to bother with the Soho store
    let me know if you find 2, you can get one and so can I! he he
  4. Did you call around to the different Barneys stores? I found mine in Dallas, but that was a month ago...still, worth a try! Good luck! It's an AWESOME bag.
  5. I would think that it's super expensive to ship from the boutique, plus the taxes. Also, in case that there's a defect on the bag, it won't be as easy as returning to the store in person. But I haven't heard any problems. :smile:
  6. Called their toll-free number, and was connected to the Beverly Hills store. The SA was rude! :wtf: