Any more member have Pine with ggh daybag or PT??

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  1. I`m in the market for a Pine daybag with ggh....
    Is there any other member who has a bag like that and how is the leather?
    I think there was a member who purchased one from BalNY and I saw that the bag.
    Could you post a pic??
    Maybe a PT pic?
    I just don`t see many Pine colors.
    Thanks so much.:yes:
  2. Bal-NY only received one pine day with GGH ....I think more are expected
  3. I know about it, but I think I might get the daybag.
    Any pics of them?? Any??:rolleyes:
  4. swiss, I'm confused. I posted pics of my day bag. Do you mean you're interested in pics of the PT?
  5. Is this bag avaliable anywhere else? will dept stores be getting them? or are they already sold out?
  6. I know that Barney's (or at least Barney's BH, but I think they checked them all) ONLY ordered pine/Silver or pine RH. No gold. No clue why... to me that makes no sense. Same with AR.

    So it may be that the Balenciaga store is the only place for giant gold pine.
  7. Cuteusername......don`t be confused, just wanted a pic of a pt as well as the
    I am waiting for the arrival of the daybag in Pine with ggh at BalNY....why does
    it take sooo long.??:confused1: