any more IRL sightings of the Rive Gauche???

  1. They STILL have not arrived at the YSL boutique in D.C. :sad:

    Meanwhile, here's another pic I found, this one from, next to a pic from my YSL catalogue...
    Rive Gauche 2.jpg YSL01.JPG
  2. Unbelieveable! Why is it taking them so long? I think the photo on the right is more how it actually looks.
  3. I saw the bag at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. The bag is a bit big and looks more like a piece of luggage.:confused1:
  4. :shrugs: ^^^After buying an Oversize Muse, nothing seems too big for me!!!! :shrugs:

    Seriously, I'm looking for a big black tote for work (something more interesting than the run-of-the-mill black boxy rectangle) and I'm hoping I'll like this one...Seems kind of slouchy, glam schoolboyish...
  5. Hi,

    bought one today.. in dark green
    the leather is perfect- the size is great- my ibook fits in when needed, but as the bag is so soft it also looks perfect without anything inside

    I love it..
  6. insider: ^^^Congrats on your new bag and welcome to the PF! We'd all love to see pics of the dark green color! Please post if you can...
  7. Thanks! Well the purse made me join the forum, so there must be something magic with it :yes:

    ok- I'll try to add some pics now
    I had to use a rough flash to make the green visible, it's a lovely colour that matches and changes with every colour you are wearing
    I never thought I'd buy a green purse but it was waiting for me at the YSL store- what can you do- I was looking for a bag big enough to take some papers with me if needed, I could also carry over my shoulder if I'm traveling with lot's of luggage but still looks elegant so I could use it when I go out for dinner later the evening- ideally with a removable long strap
    never ever thought of YSL- I expected another Gucci or LV to join the club

    enough of that- here's my try with the pics
    IMGP0160.JPG IMGP0161.JPG IMGP0162.JPG
  8. ^^^It's lovely! I like that its big, which is so "in" right now, but also slouchy; makes it more glam and elegant. And green--particularly the darker shades--is one of my favorite colors. I think you'll find that it goes with a lot. Enjoy your bag and thanks so much for posting the pics! :flowers:
  9. whats the dimensions of this bag?? its so huge!! but somewaht strangely alluring!..
  10. Very pretty bag and it looks really user friendly! I like it a lot!
  11. Well, it is certainly a big bag, but I think its actually a bit smaller than the Oversize Muse. These measurements are from the Saks web site (which isn't always accurate, but probably is in the ballpark)...

    YSL Oversize Muse = 13" X 17" X 4"
    YSL Rive Gauche = 13" X 15½" X 3"

    I own the Oversize Muse, and I've gotten used to the size (and love it!!) But it is overwhelming for some ladies...
  12. well- compared to the Muse (which I also tried in the shop) it's probably nearly the same size but as the leather is so much softer it's a different story

    and the bottom is also more flexible (what you can see in on the pics on top from a fashion show?) so it's changing it's shape the way you need it

    my ibook (smallest version) fits in without a problem, that's why I bought it

    didn't even knew it's already in the shops- the really nice saleslady said it's the first one they received and I bought their favourite bag, I had to promise I'll handle it with care

    I'll take some pics of me wearing it when I find the time
    compared to the Muse the shape of the bag fits me better as I'm a small person and it doesn't look to big on me

    it's very classic- but that's why I like it
  13. Great looking bag!
  14. I love the shape of the Rive Gauche!!

    They're already in stores in Singapore, but I've got my eye set on the same dark green one that insider's got, (CONGRATS!! :yahoo: ) cos it's such a pretty DARK green, which is such an interesting alternative to black! Plus I've just got a Balenciaga Black Work.

    I'm hoping that the bag will be available during the sample sale at the end of the season, and I'll be the lucky owner! :graucho:

    *crosses fingers tightly*
  15. The Rive Gauche is BG.:wlae: