Any more Emerald MAMS?

  1. Does anyone know if there are any more Emerald MAMs anywhere? Hiding in a stockroom somewhere? I know I am sooooo late in deciding that this color is TDF and a must-have, but - well, it is what it is! I'm thinking the answer is no, but one can hope can't one?:s
    In lieu of that, maybe the evergreen MAM will suffice? What do y'all think? Good substitute or keep dreaming?
  2. The official RM website still has the Evergreen MAM.


    Revolve Clothing also has it and if you're a first time customer then you're entitled a 30% off.

    As for the Emerald, it'll be hard to find one but I know there is a MAB in Emerald as well as a Evergreen on eBay now. :flowers:
  3. Funkylala has the MAB in emerald and there's one on eBay, but I havent seen an emerald MAM anywhere. Hope it turns up for you.
  4. I like the pics I've seen of the Emerald MAM/MAB, but I don't much care for the Evergreen myself.
  5. :girlsigh:I could never get tired of looking at that deep, mesmerizing green color!
  6. I think I'd rather the emerald than the evergreen. Now I just have to figure out if, since emerald might only be an unattainable dream, I should go for the evergreen.
  7. All I've seen available in emerald are the bigger MAB which are too big for me, I think. Rats.