any more coco cabas available?

  1. anyone know of any stores w/ the blk or navy coco cabas available?
  2. From what I have found out you can only get on a waiting list for them and most boutiques are not even sure they will get any more. They are all getting in the denim cabas for spring.

    I am on a waiting list for a black one. Fingers crossed! :smile:
  3. some stores are still waiting for the black to come in and everyone tells me they are just waiting for the denim one now.
  4. Bergdorf Goodman is getting black ones in the April/May timeframe.
  5. tks for the tip, but i bet the wait list is like huge already
  6. I got the black leather last week from Saks and I know they did get shipments. I don't know about NM or Chanel. I had put my name down a while back, and my name came up. I know they are going by lists very strictly, at least at my Saks . . . I was there earlier the week before and someone there whose name had come up decided not to buy it but they wouldn't sell me it. If you call around stores, you never know maybe a SA will sell you one . . . or put yourself on a list maybe some people are on multiple lists or change their mind with new Chanel bags coming out . . .
  7. Hi,

    Just reviving this thread. I put my name down on the waiting list at Saks and the SA told me it would come in a few weeks. To ensure that I was being serious, I left my credit card details to show how serious I was in getting this bag. Does anyone know that if you put your account details with Saks that it may help or increase your chances of being pushed up in the list?

  8. oh...which saks did u call?
  9. I don't think necessarily - the best thing to do is to call more than one store and put your name on more than more list . . . that increases your chances. And keep an eye out here because people will post when they are shopping and see one to enable another pfr. Which cabas do you want?
  10. I agree. By providing the SA your CC info, the SA is onlyable to hold the bag for you and will not bump your name up on the list. That's what I've been told at NMs and Nordstroms so I'm assuming this is a universal practice.
  11. I think leaving you CC info lying around is very risky business. I also dont see how your name will bump up the knows they'll sell them all anyway.

  12. Yeah I was hesitant at first but I figured that they are Chanel and no risky/funky business will happen. But I really want this bag.

    It was Saks NY
  13. good luck with your search :smile:
  14. SA's are wierd. Keep calling, esp Saks in NYC. I called on a friday and they laughed in my face and said the list was closed. I called Monday and the SA sold me the bag and shipped it overnight. KEEP CALLING!! Waitlists mean nothing!
  15. ^^
    Jenny, What cabas did you get on Friday?
    Thanks Jenna