Any more Chanel Paris Biarritz Tote left??

  1. I am looking for one for school,.. possibly ON SALE still.. anyone? and the price please? thanks!!
  2. i know the toronto boutique definitely has them...but also definitely not on sale.
  3. i know nm or something had them on sale before.. i remember reading it somewhere.. ANYONE?
  4. I''m planning to return mine this Saturday at Saks, Indianapolis. The price is $1495 and it's not on sale. Mine is Burgundy, there are some pictures in my purse collection. I think I saw a black one when I purchased mine before Xmas.
  5. Wow, your burgundy is beautiful, I've never seen it before!
  6. does anyone know if it was ever on sale. i can't really search, the search button seems to have disappeared!!! i thought i remembered that it was....

    and christy.. your burgundy is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and love the rest of your collection

    EDIT: ps.. thanks for posting the eBay link bulletproofsoul
  7. Hong Kong boutiques still have the totes, they were never on sale here.
  8. I saw one today (black) at the Saks in Tampa. It wasn't on sale.
  9. I've seen many of those totes (in beige/black) at our local stores but i'm sure u can find one in your state (they don't go on sales)
  10. May I ask why you are returning this bag? You mentioned in your Bag Showcase thread that it was one of your favorites. TIA!
  11. It was too big for me and the handles are too short. If I wear a heavy coat I can't carry it over my shoulder ( eventhough I haven't carry it outside the house). It would be a great bag for travel but since I don't travel much so I didn't want pay $1500 for it to sit in my closet.
  12. i have one and i love it.. got it when it first came out. they are not on sale. i have seen them at saks in black and a brown color
  13. I got one yesterday and I'm not sure if it's a keeper. Opinions please?
    IMG_8871 pb.jpg IMG_8870 pb.jpg IMG_8868 pb.jpg IMG_8878 pb.jpg
  14. How much longer do you think they will have this collection for?