Any mont blanc pen experts out there?

  1. I have 2 pens given to me, long ago as gifts and I love them. I want to get one as a gift...but other than I like them, I don't know much...

    I know there are a wide range of pens and prices. Anyone know a good 'standard' one and price?

    Pros and cons of rollerball, ball point or fountain?

  2. I love pens!

    Ball point uses a ball tip to prevent leakage and uses an ink paste.
    Roller Ball uses a ball tip as well, but uses liquid ink.
    Fountain doesn't have a ball, so if used/stored improperly, can be messy with its liquid ink. Within that category you have the cartridge fountains and you have the old school lever filled pens where you have a jar of ink, dip the pen, and use a lever on it to suck up the ink.

    I prefer roller ball for the above reasons. It's clean, yet still smooth and flows well.

    There are a few good brands of pens. Mont Blanc, Shaeffer, Cross, Parker, etc etc. All are good and have been in business for years, so it's mostly aesthetics when people choose.

    Check for more info
  3. I'm a pen freak! I have several Mont Blancs. I actually love fountain pens but am too chicken to keep one in my handbag. I do use them at home.

    Charles is right: the roller is my fav also. I have the BP and sometimes carry it with me but don't enjoy writing with it.

    I live in Wisconsin and we have an amazing local pen shop. It is family owned and staffed by the same lil ol' ladies for years. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Here's their website:Daly's pen shop
  4. If you are looking for other affordable pens I highly recommend Sensa pens.

    "In 1985, when we made the decision to create a completely ergonomic writing instrument, we first cleared our mind of all previously conceived notions of writing instruments and asked the all important question, "What would make the hand feel most comfortable using a writing instrument?" Ten years later, in 1995, SENSA was introduced to the world. Sensa pen the world's most comfortable pen..."

    The most comfortable pen you will ever write with. Comes in tons of colors, styles, shapes. Gel, roller, mechnical. I love them all. Here's a pic of some fun ones:

    And my absolute fav is the Sensa Minx. It is a smaller pen but has a nice heft to it so you don't know you are writing with a small pen. It is perfect for your handbag. I never go anywhere without one! Comes with a really nice leather pouch. I have them in almost every color imaginable. I'm a freak!!

    Iris Violet:

    Black Carbon Minx:

    Crystal Silver:

    Geneva Gold:

    In a variety of matching pens and notecards!:
  5. And if you know anything about me it is my love of exotics:

    Authentic Croc Minx:

    Authentic Sting Ray Minx:

    I also have a lizard one but it is not pictures on the website.
  6. Oh, and I have this one too: Marine with Swarovski crystals. I did say I was a freak, right?

  7. i agree with charles on the roller ball, its smoother to write with. im a fan of shaeffer, the fashion pens that they do are enamel and come in a rainbow of colours,i have a coral one and an aquamarine one, they fit nicely in a filofax.
  8. Is the Sensa a rollarball? Can I buy it from stores?
  9. comes in roller ball, gel, foutain and even mechanical pencil.

    the curve of the pen is this gel-like substance and it feels really good when you write. You never get those knuckle callouses. KWIM?

    Not sure what store is near you but I even see them on eBay so they are around.
  10. Thanks so much maxter!
  11. Oh, one more thing. Fountain pens use water-soluble ink. They have to otherwise the nib would get clogged and you couldn't rinse it without special solvents. So keep this in mind when writing or signing documents. One spill or one rainstorm would wash out all your writings. So if you do a lot of legal documentation, don't use the fountain pen. Also, gel ink is prone to smearing as it takes longer to dry. So, it too, has been an issue with regards to documentation
  12. for mont blanc, i like the roller pens. if you like blue ink, mont blanc has a great, vivid blue.
  13. Someone stole one for me once**, back in the 70s, the price said 980-something. I was "in love," and gave it away to the Object, in whom I lost interest shortly thereafter.

    I had not thought of either pen or boy in years, I wonder if they are still together...

    **Not at my request, it was an unexpected friendly gesture.