Any Mono belt thin enough for Pochette Marelle?

  1. Is there any Mono belt that's thin enough to fit through the loop of pochette marelle? I am thinking about asking this pochette from BF as V-day gift, but would also like to see if there's any mono belt thin enough for the loop, so i can loop it on the belt when i need my hands free. Many thanks!
  2. Huh. I'm confused.
  3. I don't think so... all the mono belts are pretty wide, aren't they? My mono belt would definitely not fit in my Marelle.
  4. not that i know of. i was looking for one a while back that would fit a florentine and it was a no go.
    now that i look at the florentine though, i just want the thin plain leather belt b/c the mono would make for too much mono in one place!
  5. photo, how big is the opening of florentine's loop? I know there are some Mat belts that's 0.5 inch wide, but not sure if they are still around, also Double Coiled Suhali belt.
  6. i don't like the thin snap botton belt, but i guess it's the only one that fits? Oh, there's also Vernis belt that's 0.8 inches wide.
  7. did you know that the Pochette Marella comes WITH a strap that can be worn as a belt?
  8. ^^^^really?
  9. I really like the marelle.
  10. :yes: I agree.
  11. really? I thought it only come w/strap to use as shoulder bag? so does it mean the strap it come w/ can be worn as belt and shoulder bag strap?