Any moms with Neverfull? Help with deciding on size!

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  1. Hi! I was with a 2 friends yesterday at the Louis Vuitton store and they both bought bags ... one friend got the MM Neverfull. While there, I tried on the MM and GM Neverfull. I really like the Neverfull, and would like to use it as an everyday bag, but it also has to fit all the stuff I carry around for my 3 1/2 year old daughter. I'm a heavy packer, and use big bags, but still, the GM seemed really big. Which size do you use? Do you think if I stuff the MM, it will be hard to carry under the arm? The store only has one GM and no more MM's, so I can't try on the MM again, or test pack it.

    This is what I carry every day:

    For me, I carry: wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, pouch of essentials, snack bars, cell phone, digital camera, large pouch/mini bag of gift cards and receipts,pashmina

    For my daughter, I carry: large pouch of food, bottle cooler, sippy cup, pouch of essentials, change of clothes, portable DVD player, paper/crayons, wipes case, sunglasses, thin sweater (we live in Miami and always need something for the air conditioning inside)

    Any advice? Thanks so much!
  2. I'd go with the MM. I think the GM just looks too big.
  3. I own the MM and I think you will be able to fit all your stuff inside BUT it is going to be VERY heavy. I tend to throw things in mine and it gets hard to lug around after awhile. THe GM is very big but I guess it all depends on your preference. Do you prefer the MM filled to the brim or some extra space in GM. I think with all your stuff I would probably go with the larger.
  4. Hey I'm not a mother but I can definitely see your need for a larger bag.
    I'm a student and I carry my 13.5" laptop and some other stuff and it's pretty good. The only problem is that because the straps are soo thin, if you start to carry alot of things and it starts to get heavy.. It's a bit painful!
  5. i think the mm neverfull would be great. it's a little larger than the bh (imo) which i carry everyday- and you carry a little more than i do everyday.

    i have the neverfull gm, but i bought it specifically because it is a LARGER bag. i use it when we are going to be out all day, if i need extra stuff to take to the gym, overnight, etc. and the straps do hurt a bit when the bag is stuffed, but the bag is also BRAND NEW and the straps aren't 'softened' at all yet- i wonder if that will make a difference in time.
  6. MM for sure, I have it and I love it!!
  7. I have a GM and a 3 yr old girl so I can relate to all you need to schlep with you. You could totally fit everything in the GM. Even if I'm by myself, I can put my lg. pashmina in it as well as purse items, small purchases etc. The straps are comfortable, and when its cinched up fully, its the same size as my Gucci horsebit hobo. You can also use it for overnite trips, carryon luggage etc. I would go for the GM. Oh I also got a base for it on eBay as the sag looks bad on it (not chic like on a Speedy).
  8. i'm a mom with a 5month old, and i use the gm. :biggrin: it carries all his things (diapers, cloths, change of clothes, wipes, toys, extra blankie) and my things (sunglasses, wallet, makeup bag, agenda and munchies) and there is still tonnnnnnns of room. i love it and dont think that it is too big. :shrugs: i am 5'2 and i know a lot of people on here think gm is too large for that size (at least on the survey i did) but i love the gm anyhow. besides, it can always be cinched on the sides to make it smaller.
  9. Thanks for all the replies! I went to the LV store and they actually had gotten another MM in stock, so I had both the GM and MM to compare. I loaded all of the stuff I had in my LeSportsac Tokidoki Campeggio into both, and the MM **just** fit everything, but it was tight. If I was going out for a longer outing or all day, it wouldn't work. It made my decision pretty easy! I really like how the GM looks cinched, and even when cinched, I have extra room to throw things in, so I'm happy with the size. I'm 5'3", and average build, and cinched, it looked fine to me.

    Even though I'm happy with the size, I'm still not sure I should keep it b/c without pockets, it's not the most organized (even though I use pouches for almost everything). I have many other large leather bags that I use and love, and they have tons of pockets (2 Not Rational Leather Fabs that I love using, a gorgeous Maya Moon croc leather bag with tons of pockets, the Rafe Kate Hobo in black patent and black leather, to name a few) so it's not like I'm stuck with a bunch of nylon "diaper bag looking" bags, but of course, none of them are as luxurious as the LV. :love: I'll have to load it up again and see how it feels while I'm wearing it.

    Again, thanks for the replies!!
  10. Congrats, I bet it feels great to have a nice mommy bag!

    I think to combat the no pockets issue, you can get a bunch of clear/see-thru zippered makeup pouches and set them into the neverfull. I have a few of these and it's great for dividing up my keys, cell, kids meds, etc and I leave them unzipped for the most part. There is also several threads on organizers (purseket, chameleon, etc)
  11. congrats on your purchase... I have the MM and love it, but I don't carry 1/2 as much as you do... I think you will be very happy with the GM :smile:
  12. congrats!