any moms out there with small kids carry the spy?

  1. If you have kids you know that accidents happen frequently wherever they are, so do you carry your spy out with them? In general, how do you deal with stains, etc.
  2. I have 2 small kids & I had a honey Spy. Frankly, I was too paranoid & only carried it for a week then sold it. Great bag but I couldn't deal with the constant worry of a fruit chew or sippy cup gone awry!
  3. I also have the honey spy and 2 children. I carry it when I'm with them. They're a little bit older-5 and 8. I throw their gameboys or books or sweaters in it. I love having a big bag!!:P
  4. I have a nine year old who scratched my Wisteria SPY the day after I got it!:wtf: I think it bothered me for about five minutes and then I was like "WHY am I sweating the small stuff?" So, now I just use all my SPY bags (and other bags) and don't worry. I know it's an expensive bag but what fun is it to own a great bag and NOT being able to enjoy it?;)
  5. ITA LV_addict! I used to be paranoid to use my pricey bags when I am out with my boys, but there isn't much fun in buying a bag, if its just gonna sit in your closet? I use all my spys with or without the kids with no major problems - HTH.
  6. ^LV_Addict and Pelinaka are right ... you can't be paranoid with your expensive bags because that's usually when things go wrong. Enjoy your bags, be careful with them but not overly protective. I have 3 kids ranging from 6 to 2 years of age ... I use my cognac spy regardless if they're with me or not.
  7. Completely agree! I can be pretty rough on my bags but that doesnt mean I'll settle for lesser quality. Just bought my first spy and its white. I'm loving it and carrying it everywhere.
  8. I don't have any kids yet - but I intend keep and carry my spy for as long as it holds up. Bags should be carried and not treated like an extra child IMO
  9. I actually use my cognac spy as a diaper bag since it is too much trouble carrying both since the spy is a big as a diaper bag...LOL