Any modern chain hobo owners out there?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a modern chain hobo but am curious as to how it wears. The only pic I could find was on eBay and the ends of the zipper look funny (see below). Dose it do that when it's stuffed too? How does it compare to the outdoor hobo in terms of capacity/how it carries? I haven't seen one in person so I'd really appreciate the info. Thanks so much!

  2. i was also wondering how it stood up if it did at all once you had your wallet in it?
  3. I'm curious too, haven't really come across a pfer having this, unless i'm wrong~
  4. I can't stop thinking about that bag since I saw Friday. But they only had it in brown. I might have to get it.. I prefer it in black.
  5. ^ When you saw it, could you tell if the leather pieces at the end of the zipper pull could be tucked into the bag so they don't stick out like they do in the picture? Btw- I LOVE the brown color! Please post pics if you get it!
  6. I have it and included some modeling pics that I posted a while ago. I think this is an old thread. Anyway, the ends stick out but it doesn't look akward when worn. It fits a lot and has gotten a lot of compliments. Mine is black, but the brown is very pretty too. The picture modeling is with my wallet, planner, and cosmetics bag inside.
    mchobo2.jpg mchobo4.jpg
  7. This is the bag that started my whole Chanel addiction in the fall of 2006. I loved this bag! I bought this style as well as the flap and I ended up keeping the flap because I thought it was more practical in the long run. I also did not like the way that this bag hung when it was full. It seemed odd to me.

    However my cousin ended up buying this bag a while later. I saw her use it and it looked great and she loved it.
  8. I tried on the modern chain tote yest. and I didn't like the plastic chain. It was uncomfortable for me but the bag is beautiful
  9. it such a beautiful bag! does anyone know how much is this? Wow.. i hope i dun have to break my purse ban!
  10. The newer style like I've modeled above in $2495, the older worn leather style (if you can find it) is $1995. I actually prefer the newer glazed shinier leather.
  11. ^ I agree, I just got this bag and I am IN LOVE with it!! I smile every time I use it!