Any modelling pics of Linea Pelle bags?

  1. I've just discovered Linea Pelle (yes, I have been under a rock:upsidedown:) and I'm really loving both the Dylan and the Piper lines (esp. the Dylan bowler, speedy and tote and the Piper speedy and Piper tote) Unfortunately, Linea Pelle's website and Luna Boston don't have pics of the bags shown on models so it's hard to get an idea of what they really look like (esp. worn crossbody) so if anyone has pics of their Linea Pelle bags I'd love to see them:yes:
  2. Here's my Dylan Bowler in Midnight. Sorry I don't have one with me wearing it cross body but I love it cross body. It fits really well to my body. I purchased it from (you can save an extra 3% off by becoming a member..its not much but it is something and its free shipping).
  3. I love Linea Pelle! Their belts are awesome, too!

    I don't have the bags you mentioned, but these are the LP bags I own:



  4. Thanks for posting! I love the color of that last one!:tup:
  5. OT, but are those Juicy velour pants in "Hitch"?
  6. Yes! I just got them today. Did you see my post in Deals and Steals? NM sent me the matching jacket with tags that stated XL, but the fabric tag says L. Not their fault I guess... But if anyone sees the jacket in Hitch (or Hiker, according to the NM description) in XL, please let me know!
  7. This is not a modeling pic but helps show the scale of my Linea Pella Dylan Small Tote in Papaya. I love how this leather is so soft you can roll it up in a ball.
  8. I have the same ones!

    That stinks about the jacket-- they run so small to begin with. If I see one I'll let you know :flowers:

    Cute bags btw!
  9. :drool:
  10. This is the LP Piper Speedy in Sherry...
    LP Piper Speedy 007 shoulder b.jpg
  11. Thanks to all who posted modeling pictures, it is really helpful. I've been looking at the LP bags for awhile now, and this makes me really want the Piper Speedy and the Dylan Bowler (I had also been looking at the Dylan large speedy, but after seeing the picture on that Clutch Seattle website, it is a lot bigger than I expected).
  12. I love the Dylan Bowler in the Cobalt blue!!
  13. I'm also a big fan of the Dylan line! Here are the Dylan large tote (black) and the Dylan large messenger. Both with buttery soft squishy leather! I'm 5'1" for scale :smile::
    IMG_8504 [1024x768].JPG IMG_2975 [1024x768].JPG IMG_2978 [1024x768].JPG