Any modeling shots with your new ARTSY??

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  1. Okay girls! I live no where near a LV store! So when i go to make a purchase my hubby and I have to order on-line. This makes it sometimes difficult unless I've seen the bag out and about!!! If you guys have any pictures of you and your Artsy - can you please please post them!!! Thank you so much!!!
  2. Hello! Here is a pic of me with my MM (and I'm 5'10). ENJOY :biggrin:

  3. actually that's perfect! I'm 5'9! It's beautiful and looks awesome on you!!! Thank you for posting!!!!
  4. anymore ladies?
  5. check out The Artsy Club in The Clubhouse! Artsy is a great bag -- I'm loving mine!
  6. User "AAdams" has lots of photos in her artsy reveal thread a few pages back
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.