Any modeling pictures of JILLY TRAVEL BALLET FLATS?

  1. They are cute but I don't know if I'm into that elastic around the top. Does anyone have modeling pictures??

    I leave for Vegas next Tuesday so Coach........HERE I COME!

    DH has to work, I get to play. Life is good..........I mean GREAT!
  2. I tried them on, no pics though sorry :sad: Comfy little girls though! I like them :smile: I barely noticed the elastic, I think it just helps keep them on a bit better.
  3. Are they true to size? They don't have them in my local store and I want to know before I go ordering them...
  4. I was in a store that had them but didn't get to try them on. I really would like to though, they look so cute!
  5. Ok, I want to order these today, so hopefully someone can tell me if they are true to size or if I need to go up or down a size...
  6. with most flats they run barely large, I get my true size and have no problems.
  7. DECIDED! ::runs off to order the Jilly flats in navy blue::

  8. Good Luck! Post pics. We don't get many shoe pics on here.
  9. I really love those and I want to buy them.
    On another note Vegas is my favorite place in the entire world. I am green with envy.
  10. oooh ballet flats with my name?? I need a pair!
  11. Definitely let us know how they are when you get them. I don't have any Coach shoes, but really want these.
  12. Bite yer tongue!
    SAVE your money for a NEW YEARS PARIS TRIP WOMAN~!~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. You must get them. :p
  14. I just cancelled my order - had an unexpected emergency last night and thought that it was more important than spending $140 on a pair of shoes. :sad:
  15. ^^ Awwww.... I'm sorry you had to cancel your order. I hope everything is OK. Maybe you can get them when December PCE rolls around.