Any Modeling Pics of the YSL Besace??

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  1. I would love to see modeling pics of you with your large besace,
    because I considering buying the large besace but I can't imagine the size on
    and i'm debating on if I should just buy the medium sized one or the large.
  2. ^ i've seen your pics, and i think you'd do better with the medium. the large would look enormous on you!
  3. WOW...what a beauty!!
  4. I think the medium would just be too small for me considering I carry alot of things and I always pack my rive gauche full.
    i'm torn between which one to get!
  5. I have to say, I did not realize there were multiple sizes of th Besace when I purchased mine. christiaanw, I will measure mine and post pictures when I get a chance. It may be a day ot two.
  6. yeah when I was first considering the Besace I didn't know of all the different sizes, I thought it only came in one size which was the medium sized one but now that I know of the large sized one i'm not sure which one I want!

    yesss post pictures please! thanks!
  7. I second the request for pics...
  8. i don't carry much, so i'm fine with the medium. it comfortably holds a lot, though, especially since the leather is very soft. it can expand quite a bit.