Any modeling pics of the Artsy (larger one)? Thx!

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  1. I can't decide which to get...the MM or the larger one. I have the Large Looping which is a great size for me. I have the largest Cabas bag as well (big enough to hold files easily) but it is too big for every and advice please. Thank you!
  2. Sorry I don't have any pics, but i tried it on 2 days ago and the MM and GM can fit just about everything. The MM is perfect for everyday, it can fit all your files and a mini laptop. The GM would be great for a weekend or overnight bag. Good luck!
  3. ^ the sa i spoke with said the same thing. in her opinion, the gm was too big for everyday.
  4. i dont think that that GM is too big for an everyday really depends on what your style thing to do is go to the store and try it on if you is very big..but i don't think it's too big...
  5. I dont' think the GM is too big for an every day bag, but I love larger pieces anyway. I agree with the other posters...Go to a store and "try it on." Only you will know which size is exactly right for you...
  6. Hi ywltp - just wondering the handle on your large looping is similar to the handle on the artsy; does the handle stay on your shoulder pretty well? Is it comfortable? Im trying to decide on the artsy as well. I have the galliera gm but I don't care for the vachetta piping so Im thinking of returning it for the artsy.
  7. I don't have a big problem with the large looping staying on. It stays on over a big coat or blazer well as it is big enough to do so. Over blouses or tees it is not as comfortable BUT I have have bony shoulders so I blame that in part. I am actually carrying the large looping now at stays on over my North Face puffer or Burberry Trench better than my really large Cabas bag.

    **My biggest issue with my large looping bag is the way the zipper + top have not held it's original shape do to opening & closing the bag.
  8. Great - thanks for the info. Good luck in what you decide. Please post pics when you get it.
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