Any modeling pics of size 228 reissue?

  1. I am debating whether to get a 227 or 228 black metallic reissue. I can't seem to find any pictures of any tpfers actually modeling a size 228. If you have a 228, can you please take a pic of you wearing it?

    THANK YOU!!!:smile:
  2. ^^^not me in any of the pics
  3. hi Chanelchic I just saw your thread.I've got a 228 black matt with gold h/w(it's the new version =stylewise like the blue metallic we see in pics recently)
    here are some pics of me wearing it:I hope it helps with your decision!:yes:

  4. Thanks for your help ladies! I am still debating - sigh - I am 5'4" and 110 lbs - my SA thinks the 228 might be too big on my frame. Personally I love a big bag, but I also thing the price jump from the 227 ($2,850) to the 228 ($3,450) is ridiculous...what do you ladies think? :confused1:

    Also, I'm thinking the 227 might be a more functional bag that could go day to night. Do you think the 228 would be too big for evening? (with a dress or something)... Although i already have black classic flap ...ugh i am so torn.

    Also, does the black metallic reissue come with gold hardware?
  5. Here is a pic of me with my 228 MB. I am about the same height as u and weight about 116...hope that help.

  6. oh also in the same boat as you, not knowing which size to get! I have a 227 already and contemplating if I will try the 228 on the metallic purple... Girls, you look fab with the 228!