Any Mod pics from OS Alexa Petticoat Owners?


RM ~ Bal ~ LV
Jan 29, 2009
Hi everyone! I'm normally over in Balenciaga and Rebecca Minkoff, but I've been doing research on the OS Alexa and am trying to decide between Black and Petticoat. I love love love the Rosegold with Petticoat. I know color transfer would be an issue, but I would only wear with light colored shorts and dresses, etc. How does the leather quality compare between black and petticoat? I've read about the Oak issues, but not too much about those 2 colors. I did numerous searches and didn't find any mod pics from an OS Petticoat Alexa - if anyone has any could you post and give a review of the color/leather? (Mod pics from black welcome as well) Thanks so much!! :biggrin:

Also, I keep hearing about the June Mulberry sale. Will they ship to the US, and in general what price would an OS Alexa go for?


Feb 17, 2010
Hi there - I don't think we've had a single petticoat Alexa reveal - I think everyone is holding off for the sale. The petticoat alexa's I've seen in store had really nice leather so hopefully you don't need to worry about that. Its very pretty with the rose gold as well. I am not sure exactly when the sales starts - but if you are in the US you are in luck as's sale normally starts earlier for the US ladies so you might just be able not snap one up before us :smile:.
Please come back and post pics if you get one & good luck!